EVO 2017
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Posted 7/12/17 , edited 7/13/17
I thought it would be nice to start a forum discussing EVO 2017 since it's starting soon. I feel there's a lot of things to be excited for this year consider how fighting games are hitting their stride with releasing so many games and having awesome scenes recently.

Anything you guys are particularly excited for? I'm looking forward to GGXrd, KOF, SFV, Tekken 7 tournaments and some others. Also excited for the Gundam Versus and Dissidia NT that's going to be there. I'd like to see more of that new Arika fighter and DBFZ game.
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
Tekken 7.. and that's about it to be honest. I'll watch the top 8 or so of pretty much everything (except Smash) because it's Evo and it's going to be hype, but T7 is the only one I'm really excited about going in.

It should be interesting to see what the new games look like though as there's a lot to be shown this year.
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Posted 7/14/17 , edited 7/15/17
I'll try to check it out between tomorrow or Sunday. Tekken 7, King Of Fighters 14 & Injustice 2 finals are the ones I want to watch the most.
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Posted 7/17/17 , edited 7/18/17
Ayy, Evo just ended. I've got some thoughts. There are spoilers for each top 8 below, so beware those who do not want to be spoiled!

I don't even play KoFXIV, but its top 8 was sick. Crazy how consistently KoF delivers the hype. I don't know much about the KoF scene, but I found myself endeared to Pako. He was so passionate, and he played so well. He made some sick comebacks. E.T., the winner of the tournament was also awesome to watch. His Daimon was hyyyype.

GG has a great top 8. I was hoping for an American to make it into top 8, but damn, Japan is still on another level. Bear though, he almost made it in. Regardless, we got to see top level GG represented in a NA tournament. I gotta praise r/Kappa Tomo for the sick run. The dude managed to double perfect Ogawa before top 8 lol. I also have to mention how sick Kid Viper is for beating Machabo sometime in the tournament. That was crazy news.

Melee top 8 was fun to watch, but there were no surprises. Armada is just the best right now. He's so consistent. Still, it was cool to see a Mang0 versus Armada grand finals.

Tekken 7 was sick, but man, it played out a lot like Melee did. Besides JDCR nearly losing in winners to JEONDDing, there wasn't a lot of shakeups in top 8. JDCR, Saint, and Knee are just too good.

I completely missed Marvel, unfortunately. I'm excited about the result, but I've got to dig up some VODs to really get hyped about how Marvel top 8 played out. I don't play UMVC3, and I think I would actually dislike UMVC3 if I played it, but the game is just so fun to watch.

I missed most of BB unfortunately. I only managed to catch some of loser's finals and grand finals. Pretty crazy how Fenrich was clawing his way back up in grand finals. He was the favorite to win the tournament, and he almost managed to take it, but Ryusei made the upset and took the win. Ryusei himself was fun to watch--that guy is all smiles.

I managed to catch some of Injustice 2 top 8. Personally, I'm just not a fan of the NRS games. MKX was fun to watch, but I never found myself enjoying any other NRS game, Injustice 2 included. I was expecting and hoping for a SonicFox victory, but damn, my prediction was certainly upset. By the end, I was rooting for Honeybee, but Dragon ended up being too strong.

Sm4sh was a surprise. I don't particularly like Sm4sh, so I tuned out for most of top 8, but I tuned back in for grand finals. That match was a slobberknocker. Salem managed to claw six games away from Zero, the clear favorite to win the tournament, in a long and grueling set. The way that set ended was hype.

I don't like SFV, but I love SF. I follow the SF scene the most closely out of all of the various fighting game scenes, so I had to tune into SFV top 8 to watch my favorite players slug it out. What a great top 8. I found myself being impressed more often than I thought I would be. Tokido absolutely killed it with his performance. The dude had option selects on deck, sick confirms, and just plain incredible neutral. Punk looked indestructible leading into grand finals, but during grand finals Tokido managed to destroy that illusion. He adapted so well. I hope Punk bounces back from his loss. The guy looked so dejected.

After the finals and the award ceremony, Tokido put on a great interview. It was less hype than Infiltration's "download complete," but more inspirational.

"Fighting games are great." - Tokido, 2017

Man, Tokido's an awesome champion.

All in all the event was awesome to watch. Fighting games are great.
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