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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/13/17
I found this website:

Which is a great site, only thing is, I want to make something very similar, and would love to have a template or something to work off of if possible.

By similar, I mean same format - forums, dark theme, anon access - basically a rehash, but with a few tweaks. I want to add in a chat room feature natively, and I want to completely change the overall theme.

I could do it from scratch, but why invent the wheel if someone is willing to work with me and already has some effort and time in?

Note: this is for entertainment purposes only, and for my own education. I will not be creating and posting my 'rehash' to the web, I would be developing it within Aptana Studio on my desktop, locally only, as I don't want to step on anyone's toes. If I do manage to completely reskin and change more than 50% of the code, or add more than a few features, then I may consider doing something with it at that point, but for now, it would be education only.
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
You could use inspect element from the browser and copy the HTML and CSS into the editor to get a template of the page.
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