Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu
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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/13/17
Hello Everyone!!!

I study Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu under my Sifu, Master Chango Noaks, in Richmond, Indiana.

While my goal is to one day open my own school, I am currently running through the fighters circuit, enhancing my skills and abilities through experience and hard work over time.

I typically compete in full contact sparring (san da), grappling, and tui shou. You can see all my matches on YouTube via the link below! (Many more competitions to come, and eventually a series of educational videos!)

I am presently training to take my fight to the next levels of competition, at the end of July, I will be traveling to Baltimore, Maryland to partake in the Lei Tai event for the first time.

I am currently sponsored by Team UrFight and Intimidation Clothing, however, I would love for all of my anime loving brethren to support me in my journey as well!

So please, check out the links below, give me a follow, and watch my as I turn a dream into reality!

I love my Kung Fu Family, and I could spend days talking about how awesome training with them is.
If you are interested, and/or in the area, check out my school's website HERE
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Posted 7/20/17 , edited 7/20/17
Good luck in in the Lei tai event! I'm a Wing Chun guy myself (Moy Yat line), good to see others around, Shaolin Wing Chun sounds interesting! Are you guys more like the Siu Lum Weng Chun guys with the Sap Yat Kuen and Chong Kuen and stuff instead of the SIu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, etc?
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