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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/13/17
Well, howdy, folks
I'm Flamescar, but you can call me Flamescar. Or Flame. Or Scar. Y'know I'm just about good with anything

I'm new to Crunchyroll forums, and I figured I'd share one of my six million projects here

It's a TCG board game hybrid, featuring dinosaurs as main units. It's heavily inspired from Fire Emblem and Pokemon Conquest, featuring the same grid-based system as that, except it's a board game. It has no name as of now, but I've been calling it "Project: Pretzels," (it has nothing to do with pretzels, sorry)

Dinosaurs have many special variants, such as light, dark, and rainbow, and dinosaurs can use disposable, and equippable attack cards to gain an advantage.

Some dinosaurs have elements, but they're special, and elemental dinosaurs have special elemental attack cards.

There's also items and runes (like a healing rune) but that's not as interesting

Anyways, if you're interested in learning more about this project, you can check out this Google doc I made for it. I update it fairly frequently. Feel free to leave comments on it

Not sure how the links work but I'm putting my faith in the site to make it work
Anyways, I'd love to hear some feedback. Whether it be on the doc, or here on the forums.

((I'm not sure if this next part is breaking site rules but if it is please tell me and I'll gladly remove it))
If anyone at all would like to help with this project, whether it be artists or people who just wanna be more involved with it, feel free to message me. I'd love the help (especially from artists) and I love to collaborate with people.

I hope to hear some words from some of you!
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