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Movies, TV shows, books, etc., that are indisputably terrible but you like anyway.
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Posted 7/17/17 , edited 7/17/17
I usually go out of my way to watch "bad" movies. A current favorite is The Stupids. I also enjoy watching the trashy splatter films of Olaf Ittenbach and Noboru Iguchi.
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Posted 7/17/17 , edited 7/17/17

tntcls wrote:

I usually go out of my way to watch "bad" movies. A current favorite is The Stupids..

It's "bad" in that it's a good adaptation of Harry Allard's children's picture books (what, didn't know that?), but given to 90's John Landis, who's been acting just plain WEIRD since that Twilight Zone thing, and thought he was doing some abstract cineaste criticism/pastiche of "goofy comedies".

geauxtigers1989 wrote:=There are probably a few I could list, but there's one movie that immediately comes to mind: Gods and Generals. It's tediously long (almost 4 hours for the theatrical cut), blatant Southern propaganda, and a giant "f**k you" to history and reality.

That would...pretty much describe producer Ted Turner, his personal Rhett Butler delusions, and his attempt to spend money on films. Didn't see "Gettysburg", his first one?

Kaiju_fan wrote:

Tron (1982)

Tron got its cult respect back in the 00's, during our excitement for "Tron: Legacy". And in our bitter disappointment afterwards.
All of a sudden, we started to appreciate that the first one had an actual working sense of humor, let alone an 80's computer-geek one. And that Jeff Bridges was still The Young Dude even in his early years.

And while we're talking about movies whose reputations have been redeemed from the cheap 80's jokes of their time:

Xanadu (1980).
Respect the Museheads, for we are many.
(And, we can also tell the difference between this movie and the wretched pink train wreck of "Can't Stop the Music", which for thirty years, most people couldn't. And had to suffer disco-resentful jokes slung at BOTH movies--Quick, which one won the Worst Picture Razzie?)

Even if you're not a Gene Kelly fan--who'd seen his amazing skate work in "It's Always Fair Weather"--you gotta admit, this looks pretty darn retro-cool:
(Yes, Steadicams were the New Thing in 1980.)
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