Photographs from Cassini, Dawn, and more
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Posted 7/14/17 , edited 7/15/17
Just got around to looking at the photos that the Cassini space probe has taken of Saturn and Jupiter... they're breathtaking.. There's a lot of interesting ones, although they all leave me with a sense of awe. I've always been a fan of space and it isn't very often we've gotten photos like this, certainly not in such resolutions.

There's some incredible images of Saturn and it's moons in here. Strokes the imagination... If you weren't aware, check out the hexagonal jet stream circling Saturn's north pole. That IS strange and the pictures are good. Most of the pictures are stunning - if a little monotone.

The next links aren't really that recent (more than a year old) but they're still worth looking at.

Here's the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter - There are some strange things there. A 3 mile tall pyramid shaped peak or mountain, and strange bright spots on the surface that look strangely similar to how cities on earth look from space. Sort of... to me, at least. I don't know if I'd go that far, but honestly I don't think something like that would surprise me anymore... I just have trouble believing any alien civilization would have cities on a dwarf planet in the middle of an asteroid belt... seems like it would be a bad idea, but here ya go.

Lastly, there's these strange photographs of what sort of look like "Trees" on Mars. I don't really think that's what they are, but I have to admit the pictures are very strange. It doesn't look like dust clouds to me... but I don't think it looks like "trees" either, at least not in the conventional sense... You can see the sand around them and the "trees" don't really have a lot in common with the rest of it, so marks in the sand is out - there's just too much of a contrast in color and in shape.

Still... if they were... well, it'd be huge and it would most likely be covered up, so our chances of actually identifying such a thing even if that is what it is are next to nil.

...just felt like sharing. I can't get enough of this stuff... puts my head in the clouds...
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Posted 7/14/17 , edited 7/15/17
Ahhhhhhh I love space. Its amazing to think that we can see things light years away, we have all this amazing technology, but we are still discovering beautiful things in our own Solar System.
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