Hitman Reborn!
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Posted 7/15/17 , edited 7/15/17
I have been wondering this for a seriously long while; What happened to Hitman Reborn? After the whole Byakuran/Millifeore defeat, when they returned to the past did the writers give up on the Shimon and Vindice story arcs? Hell, even the Manga ending left me wanting more as Reborn mentioned training Tsunayoshi and Neo Vongola Primo! I love this anime/manga as much as I love Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach and quite a few others. I wonder if enough people petition the writing staff, animators etc. would they be willing to continue the anime to the manga's conclusion at least. Granted I'd love if the manga extended its story but as with the anime I guess it's just wishful thinking of a fan. I began watching this anime when It was first released. There were weeks where I was anticipating watching this after work. That anticipation is the same now as it was then. I even feel the same about Bleach, but that's another story for another thread.

In conclusion I'm rather sad and disappointed. I wish this series has as many if not more episodes/chapters as Bleach and Naruto. I understand it's not as popular but I miss it.
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