Ballroom e youkoso Questions/Answers [possible spoilers]

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Posted 7/15/17 , edited 7/15/17
This series looks some what interesting could you give me a some spoilers plz thanks!

1. Is there any yuri or yaoi in this novel don't like that stuff that's why I'm asking?

2. Who's the Mcs love interest is it Hiyama Chinatsu this a good mc too tired of a lot bet Mcs ?

Thanks ahead guys
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Posted 10/1/17 , edited 10/1/17
i know it's a bit late but if you are still around and havent read it, I would highly recommend it.

1. no to both
2. i wouldn't say there is really a love interest so much as the mc being uncomfortable when dance partners are compared to married couples with how close they are. that being said chinatsu isn't introduced until the start of the 2nd arc where she ends up being the mc's classmate and eventually dance partner. surprisingly this manga stays completely away from the subject of dating altogether and sticks completely to the "partner" relationship between characters.
3. I am assuming you mean bad mc, I guess thats up to what you are looking for in a mc. I personally enjoy his progression through the story because he is never really timid or weak so much as polite and understanding that he has a long way to go to be great (since this is a story of someone improving in a new passion that they have just discovered)

all that being said, the anime brought me to the manga and they are both great in my opinion I keep recommending them to people I know but no one wants to take a chance with a dancing anime specifically because they assume it will be like yuri on ice.
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