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Posted 7/15/17 , edited 7/16/17
First of all, this is not a joke.And yeah, I am not using programs like Adblocker e.g..

Since 4-5 days I have a major problem with the ads while watching anime. Before that periode I experienced no problems or atleast problems where I needed t o reload the site. However, now I am not getting any ads while watching . I changed nothing with my browser settings and yeah I know it just sounds plain weird hearing somebody complaining about not receiving ads, but I am the guy who wants to raise attention, since this could be abused in someway which affects the anime producers in a negative way like getting paid less.

Now, I am trying to describe my problem (maybe it is already a know problem, but hey better safe then sorry).

When I reach the time frame where ads usually show up and play, I see the loading screen of the ad, but not even for a second. The videoplayer is changing the frame I see from loading ad and the anime. After like 4-5 repeats, the anime loads again and yeah... I can watch the anime without seeing the advertisments at all.
Also, this problem is reproducable. It happens everytime I watch anime on crunchyroll and if needed I can make a short video where I showcase this problem.

Hope I could help the crunchyroll team with my report and keep up the work!

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Posted 9/4/17 , edited 9/4/17
I have the same problem.I am feeling bad because eventhough i am not paying anything i am watching animes without ads.They sometimes appear and sometimes dosen't.Especially on Hunter x Hunter.
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Posted 9/13/17 , edited 9/17/17

Submit a bug report to Crunchyroll regarding this problem: /contact
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Posted 8 days ago , edited 8 days ago
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