What anime did you miss the most of last season
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Posted 7/16/17 , edited 7/16/17
What anime did you miss the most of last season. I don't mean Liked. I don't mean enjoyed. I mean when the new season started what anime did you forget ended and look to find the new episode? What anime did you most want to see continue. For me it has to be Tiger Mask W. I don't quite know why I looked 3 times(yea I know that's dumb) to find the new episode after it was done but I did. I Really wanted to see the 3 tigers tiger mask, tiger the dark, and spring tiger stories continue. A close second has to be Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor. I only forgot it ended 2 times and looked for the new episodes but I think my desire to see that story continue was stronger.
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