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Based on science, how much of masculinity and femininity is created by society?
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Posted 7/19/17 , edited 7/20/17
It is not easy to assess the proportional influence of culture and biology but I gather several information:
-culture play a huge role in occupation stratification.
-homosexual human has the brain structure of the opposite sex.
-the brain of rat is influenced greatly by the environment so the same could be said of the gendering of human brain.
-Studies of mammals show that female tend to be aggressive and dominant (something that is believed to be possessed by men) in species where resource to raise infant is scare. Females of one such species, the marmoset, also tend to be the hunter, gatherer, or forager while their male counterpart rear the female's children to gain sexual favor.
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Posted 7/20/17 , edited 7/20/17

"that occupational distribution of men and women is not the same; what distribution (equality or the current one or another distribution) will bring the most happiness?"

"can enhance their perspective and better contribute to society and this forum."

"Many groups have cited the unequal distribution of occupations as oppressive to women and contributing to an earnings gap between men and women."
I agree that culture and where one grows up can change what one likes or goes into working with.
But when people blame it on "sexism" or to things like the wage gap it does start to sound silly.

We are different and we will always be, trying to push for more females or men into an certain area isn't that helpful, at least not by just that reason alone.
Also considering the future of some of the females (like becoming a mother) can change a lot of things.
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