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Post Reply Would you rather be a misunderstood genius or lauded fool?
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19 / F / USA
Posted 2/9/18 , edited 2/10/18
I'd rather be brilliant because I'd have a better chance at earning more money by getting a great career or inventing something.
Posted 2/11/18 , edited 2/12/18
I'd take the positive illusion.
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25 / M / Indiana
Posted 2/15/18 , edited 2/15/18
I'm already a fool. It would just be nice to not be treated like crap for being a fool.

Being a misunderstood genius sounds like the ultimate suffering. You might have great ideas, inventions, etc, but that doesn't matter if no one wants to listen to you.

You'd make masterpieces that will not be appreciated in your lifetime, otherwise valid works that will be ridiculed because of who they came from.

But as I said, I'm a fool, and all I really want is the simple life of a fool.
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70 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 2/17/18 , edited 2/17/18
Lauded 99.98% of my CR postings bear out....
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 2/18/18 , edited 2/19/18
Misunderstood Genius
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Posted 2/18/18 , edited 2/19/18
Depends on how the misunderstood genius gets treated. I can deal with people thinking I'm crazy or dumb, because screw people.
Having solutions with a clearly working proof of concept dismissed because "everyone thinks it's dumb even though it obviously works" is a whole other story.
I'd usually choose knowledge but if that condems me to an existence of being unable to apply that knowledge it would be far too frustrating.
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M / Oregon
Posted 2/19/18 , edited 2/19/18

7Continents wrote:

This question is basically "do you want the life of Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison?". Of course everyone chooses the first option because it sounds better, but would you really rather live broke and alone in an old hotel room living off saltine crackers with no friends but pigeons until you die in your 80s, than die a multimillion surrounding by praise and fame that will survive many decades after you're death? Misunderstood genius's deserve more but they get far less and I don't think most of the people voting and commenting here really understand the full extent of what their choice really means.
You're making a very fair point there, but I think something else that comes into play is how how desperately the misunderstood genius tries to pursue changing everyone's perception of themselves. Admirable as he was, Tesla was an extremely eccentric and promiscuous man who often brought about much of his own troubles by refusing to adapt to his circumstances. Especially in today's world, it's more than possible to quietly succeed as a misunderstood genius as long as you keep things in perspective and don't actively make yourself vulnerable to people taking advantage of you.
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