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Posted 7/21/17 , edited 7/21/17
So, I have a few gripes about the playback on VRV. I know I should post this there, but the site is sadly lacking in the community features of Crunchyroll proper, and I can't seem to find a contact link for them, so I'm posting this here. Sorry if this not the appropriate space for this. I would be glad of a link to the most appropriate forum. Github? IDK.

Anywho... I recently started a monthly subscription to crunchyroll. I am not subscribed to any of VRV's other services, but I still watchlist and stream everything through the VRV Website with my account linked. There are a few reasons for this.

I am running Google Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a 64-bit install of Ubuntu Mate 17.10 (Linux) The cruchyroll site's player seems to often return Javascript or flashplayer errors on my box. I've got the latest updates, but Linux really lags behind when it comes to these closed companies.

The VRV player and website seem to work very well on my machine. I assume it is using html5 and not so much java or flash. I like the site's user friendly design and the way the watchlist tags watched episodes and remembers position for unfinished ones. (mpv backend?) That said, I do have one or two gripes about the player itself.

My main complaint is about subtitles. There seems to be a compatibility issue between the VRV player and crunchyroll's subtitle stream. What happens is that sometimes when a text translation is on the screen while a line is being spoken, the text translation will show, but the main subtitle track will not. I have noticed this in a scene from New Game!! season 2 episode 2 from last tuesday starting @ 12:13. It is the most recent and specific example I can cite, but I have also noticed the issue in Kabayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon and ShiroBako, since those shows also have alot of translated on screen kanji.

A second, and somewhat nit-picky complaint is about the volume. The player does a very good job of remembering position when the page is refreshed or returned to later, but it always seems to default back to max volume whenever a video loads. It also seems to exit fullscreen mode as well which means that every time a new episode starts of a show I'm watching, I have to maximize and adjust the volume. Like I said, this is a minor UI nit-pick and I'm not sure if anything can even be done about it. My main concern Is the subtitle issue.

Thank you for your consideration, and I apologize again if this is not the right forum for my griping. I would appreciate a referral to the proper channels if this is the case.


Helam Sirrine
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