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Posted 7/24/17 , edited 7/24/17

I am quite found of food and would like to experiment a little. So i would like you to hit that reply and tell me, where are you from, and what dish do you like the best from your country/city/village/world?

And if you don't mind, could it be possible to name the dish in english and your language?

Posted 7/24/17 , edited 7/24/17
You want to experiment? How about something weird that is good?

Take peanut butter and put it into your ramen after you make it. Regular packaged ramen. Put a little peanut butter after you mix the seasoning. Works wonders
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Posted 7/30/17 , edited 7/30/17
If we're on the topic of ramen, crack open a raw egg on top after cooking.
Break the yolk and mix gently into the soup. Since the soup is already off the heating element, the eggs won't curdle, but mix deliciously into the broth to give you a creamy element.
It dilutes the one note saltiness of the seasoning packet.
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Posted 7/30/17 , edited 7/31/17
Memphis, Tennessee

And we make Barbeque
Smoked for all of the hours (varies dependent on meat and cut but it's always a lot)
We usually do ribs and pulled pork with some form of sauce

If you want the "normal" meal
Ribs, pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, rolls, and sweet tea

Or put the pulled pork on a sandwich with the coleslaw
I personally hate coleslaw and substitute fries

As for how to cook all of this, I have no idea
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Posted 7/31/17 , edited 8/1/17
Not sure how experienced you are in food so I'll start with something simple. BBQ Sauce!
This sauce is intended for pork primarily. It pairs okay with chicken as well but there isn't enough fat in chicken to cut through the rich earthly flavors of this sauce. If you really prefer chicken over pork I'd at least suggest trying it with a deep fried chicken. If you take my suggestion and go with pork then stick with something that you can slow cook with a decent fat cap on it or thick marbling. Basically anything but a pork chop or pork loin Personally I'd start with some pork ribs since you can either braise, broil, slow roast or grill them!

Regardless the BBQ recipe below is a Cocoa styled BBQ sauce. I've put quite a few attempts into it but it isn't perfect so feel free to give me feedback if you try it!

1cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/2cup Blackberry Jelly (or jam but not marmalade or preserves, we want gelatin)
1/4cup Cocoa Powder (Regular ground, not dark)
1Tbsp Chili Powder
1Tbsp Onion and Garlic Powder
1/4cup Honey
2Tbsp Worchestershire Sauce
1tsp Nutmeg and Allspice
1tsp Ginger (Fresh or Ground works for this, I prefer fresh)
16-24ounces Ketchup (I know this is a decent range. Just eye ball the first 16 ounces and add to taste. Also Ketchup comes in 20/24 ounce bottles so if your favorite brand is a 20 ounce bottle just stick with that.)
Salt and Pepper to taste

As I said it's a very earthy sauce but couple it with a fatty piece of meat that has been slow cooked and it'll surely cut rough through that flavor! The dance in your mouth with do wonders!
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Posted 8/4/17 , edited 8/4/17
Up here in New England we tend to find lots of fun food from all over the country. My fave is definitely Chicken-fried Steak with Country Gravy (an almost white milk gravy) served over a scoop of "dirty" mashed potatoes (russets "s"mashed with the skins still on).
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