Opinion: I think KADO: The Right Answer is a spiritual successor to Evangelion
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Posted 7/24/17 , edited 7/24/17
KADO is a fascinating piece of science fiction. Have you ever thought about the progression of humanity? As a species, we have slowly evolved in terms of technology, morality, and politics that has helped us become “better” people. What if humanity could advance greatly in just a short span of time? KADO has that answer. What makes this anime so interesting is that it covers many topics on how humanity could advance, using special tools that further enhance human capabilities.

It’s not just that, the more interesting part of KADO is how humanity and the main characters react to having such growth. Each character is handled maturely and has a unique personality that explores a side of KADO, ranging from news coverage, to researching, to handling negotiation for this mysterious gift for humanity. This will become clear once you have watched the anime yourself, I do not want to give away much away. This blend of covering human advancement topics with humanity's reactions to KADO is what makes the anime a seriously intriguing watch.

It is an anime I feel the community is severely undervaluing. Just because the last episodes of KADO have a dramatic shift in direction, it does not mean the anime can be immediately and conclusively be called bad. I can see where complaints come from, and to some extent, I agree. BUT! Truthfully, although I somewhat understand the themes of KADO, the last episodes were still VERY interesting enough with how the directing and dialogue was handled. These episodes do connect to the human advancement themes KADO has had right from the start with how the main characters and humanity grows throughout these 12 episodes once things are put together. Just be prepared to observe and understand when the last episodes come if you plan to watch it.

Regardless if you think the last episodes of KADO was good or bad, I think we can agree that KADO did bring VERY interesting discussion! And I've observed all of the KADO episode discussions in r/anime threads and here to see the surprising amount of in-depth discussion that happens. There's more interesting discussion surrounding KADO in r/anime and in this forum than any other anime I've watched this season.

I would go as far as saying that it is a spiritual successor to Evangelion with how both encourages discussion with how many interesting topics both anime bring up. Between the two, the themes of morality and human progression, I find KADO to be more interesting since it covers a more refreshing territory. Although, we'll see how people treat it the next couple of years to see if KADO becomes a cult classic. In this generation of anime fans, we’re constantly cycling through new interesting anime season by season, we move on to things quickly without gaining a sense of appreciation of what makes each anime valuable in its own right.

And through watching KADO, I've come to a point where I find over-exaggerated emotional outbursted opinions not interesting anymore, regardless how detailed it may be. This is more on the negative opinion side. If it's so easy to be negative, then we lose sight on the more interesting aspects of things. Negativity brings some opinions that SEEM substantial, but in the root, do not go into deeper than emotional reaction. It becomes this deal in anime where you 100% nail the anime or it fails if there are notable flaws.

It's why we have a life cycle of negative outbursts, never fixing the root of the problem, but quietly setting it aside, having no growth. IMO, we have to set aside those negative emotions and openly explore why certain things are so interesting. The more open you are to allowing discussion, the more curious you can become in exploring and valuing many things in life, it makes life more worth it. This is why I find KADO as intriguing as Evangelion, because it gets you to think about a lot of things and the overall anime itself.

Overall, I personally think KADO is a successor to Evangelion for how it really gets people to deeply discuss its themes and how human society can advance forward in the future. It is worth the watch regardless how the anime ends. Once you’ve finished the anime, you have to let me know your thoughts and your opinion on the matter. Do you personally agree? KADO is a rarity that I find to be seriously intriguing and should be passed down to a newer generation of anime fans. At this point now, I'm eager to see theory videos and multiple studies on KADO's themes, hopefully in the future. Maybe we could see a KADO movie that basically is an alternate ending movie akin to End of Evangelion for those who disliked the last couple of episodes.

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