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Post Reply [AU RP] Enrolment Ezalor University
Posted 8/10/17 , edited 8/10/17
Name: Samantha Tamaron
Age: 14
Year: not a student
Origin: choose 1 kingdom
Specie: human:
Position: sister
*Skills: singing
*Abilities: mimic what she hears
Personality: playful
Biography after the death of her parents her brother raised her . Being by his side is all she's really known . Suffering from a crippling injury she uses a wheelchair or cruchs to move around.
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23 / F / classified
Posted 8/10/17 , edited 8/12/17
Name: Eiris "Eri" Raven
Age: looks like 18
Year: third year
Origin: Tartarus
Specie: Half demon/Vampire
Position: Student
Skills: Eri has an odd skill of taming nearby animals, exotic or even domestic. She discovered this skill when she grew up in the Oracle forest. She knows the basic ways to do household chores. She is extremely talented in eating contests and doesn't increase any weight. She is also great with children. Despite being a half demon and half vampire.
Abilities: Eiris has an opposite ability as her father. If her father was capable of handling shadows, Eiris can bend light and manipulate light. She has the ability of Creation, control, and manipulation of the element of Light, photokinesis, ight empowerment, Solar affinity, Create blinding orbs of pure golden light, Light redirection and absorption, Daylight embodiment and Luminescence
Eiris seduction skills haven't been mastered unlike her mother that she can choose to seduce anyone she wishes. For her, it only activates by accident.
Personality: a detail-oriented perfectionist. She’s passionate about her work, but can also be a worrywart, even when she tries to see the bright side of things, but often smells disaster. It can take some convincing to get her to go along with a risky or dangerous plan.
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23 / F / classified
Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/15/17
Name: Amelia Jeanne Skullrend
Age: looks like 21
Year: 2nd year political science major
Origin: Belladonna
Specie: Pureblood
Position: Student
Skills: Amelia is hustler and a great speaker in crowds. Despite hating the spot light because of her stagefrieght she is able to conquor it whenever she is given a mask and and speak. Extemporaneous debates and Public speaking is her forte, she considers it her talent that she inherited from her father. Aside from that, she is also good with managing business establishments. She partly owns one of the university Cafe's.
*Abilities: Amelia is a late bloomer, until now she is still discovering her powers.
Personality: Amelia is a kind but strict person, she follows the rules of Alastaire, but if she believes that there is infact something wrong with the system. She would eventually debate or argue with courtmembers or even her mother. She loves her parents dearly and she is often considered as a papa's girl.
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28 / M / Norway
Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/16/17
Name: Marcus Friedrich Johannes Carlos von Rosenhalt (Goes by Marc for short)
Age: 28
Year: University
Origin: Belladonna
Specie: human
Position: Teacher of advanced technology and magic research.
Skills: CQC abilities on par with major fighters (perk of being a sparring partner of vampires)
Able to hide his presence from "non-magical" means.
Freerunning (Advanced parkour where speed is more important than show.)
Abilities: Electric Esp
Railgun: Marc is able to launch metallic objects at near lightspeed by controlling electricity to create a railgun like effect.
Electric field: My using his ESP and bringing his hands close to each other he can start forming an electric field between them, and as he brings his hands apart the field expands until it covers his entire body.
Replicators By the addition of self made replicators in his clothes Marc can copy inanimate object (no liquids) placed in a pouch on his belt, a copy is created on a flexible pad in his right hand, the original is transported to his left hand (a vial filled with any liquid will only clone the vial and the liquid will disappear). There is no way to distinguish the copy from the original as they are the same thing. Max size is 30x20 cm and it happens 5 seconds after the object is placed in the pouch.
Personality: Friendly, but has a hard time starting to speak to someone he doesn't know.


Name: Kain Rouge II
Age: 27
Year: Second year University history major.
Origin: Alas
Specie: Pureblood
Position: Crown prince of Alas/Student
Skills: Diplomacy, dancing, fencing, advanced black magic of the four base elements.
Abilities: Words of Power
Kain can infuse the words he speaks with magic, forcing the person who the words are aimed at to abide to the orders.
The words have no effect if they breach the morals of that person.
This power can ALWAYS stop an opponent from harming Kain.
Kain always seems to be able to detect some part of another persons personality.
He doesn't know how this works himself, but he makes use of it to keep himself alive.
Personality: Oujidere
Biography: The son of Rouge the king of Darkness and crown prince of Alas.
Born 16 years before Rouge was betrayed by Kain's older sister.
While Kain was growing up his existence was kept a secret from the public in order to protect him and in order to make sure Rouge's opponents wouldn't be able to get to one of his weaknesses. The plan was to announce Kain as Rouge's successor when Kain reached 18 years old, but history wouldn't let that happen.
When Kain became 16 his sister visited him while bringing along another person, not knowing who the other person was or why his sister would bring them to his room.
The mistake happened when the unknown person put out their hand in order to shake Kain's hand, the moment Kain took the person's hand his sight blurred and he felt himself falling.
Waking up what felt like hours later he looked around only seeing a forest, seeing smoke over the trees he wandered in that direction hoping that he would get back to Alas quickly.
Getting to the place where the smoke came from he found a farm and the first thing he asked the farmers was the direction to Alas. The farmers glanced at each other before asking Kain if he had meant Alastaire.
Using his powers he forced the farmers to tell him what he wanted to know, only to learn that Alas had fallen almost 400 years prior.
The news came as a shock to him and after using his powers to make sure the farmers would not remember him he left to wander.
After wandering for a while he came upon the academy and after just a few days he enrolled there hoping to find out what had really happened in the past.
Do to his conduct and manners it didn't take many weeks before the other students and many of the staff started to refer to him as "Prince" or "Ouji", depending on where they were from, a nickname Kain carries with pride.
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20 / M / Classified
Posted 8/20/17 , edited 8/30/17
Name: Velvet Byakko
Age: 18
Origin: Demon world
Year: senior high school

Race: Demon
Position: Queen of the demons
Skills: hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, marksmanship, duel wielding, spear wielding, dancing, dodging, blocking, cooking, singing, playing piano and violin; among other instruments, summoning.


Fire control: This ability allows Velvet to create fire anywhere on her body, she can also take control of other fires whether they are natural fires or ability controlled fires, she can also extinguish any other flame whether it's natural or ability made.

Negation: This ability is not an offensive ability, it is a defensive ability that allows Velvet to negate any ability targeting her, she can negate more than one ability at a time so long as they hit her at the same time, if she has to negate one ability only to face another immediately she has to dodge as it takes 10 seconds before she can use her negation again, however just like her shock wave push she keeps this a secret and does her best to make it appear as if her abilities have no cool down.

Shock-wave push: This ability allows Velvet to create a shock wave that pushes outwards with Velvet at it's epicentre, this shock wave pushes anything that's in the way out of the way basically creating a short timed shield that protects Velvet from harm, however this ability can't be used for a short time of 10 seconds after being used.

Teleportation: This ability allows Velvet to teleport 20 meters in any direction she chooses, however that isn't all this ability can do she can also teleport long distances by putting the ability into overdrive, doing this however requires a fair bit of magic so she doesn't like to do it a lot even though her magic supply is immense.

Shatter: This ability allows Velvet to shatter anything she touches, this ability however is limited to inanimate objects and is unable to shatter living creatures.

Brink: This ability allows Velvet to bring anyone on the brink of death or is already dead provided they haven't been dead for long back to life, it allows gives Velvet the ability to heal the wounds of others along with her own.

Natural armour: (This isn't an ability, this is just a side note giving people a heads up on the fact that when Velvet switches into her 'demon' form her body can be covered in armour but only if she chooses it to be)

Personality: kind, caring, protective, determined, confident, cheerful, friendly, playful, tease, soft hearted, deep thinker, strict, easy going, long fused, easily embarrassed, harsh, honest, polite, girly, bold, impulsive, mature.

Bio: Velvet Arpeggio is the demon queen and despite her young age she is incredibly powerful, she was born into a long line of demon queens so has been going through special training in secret with the demon teacher Anna Vorazun, though they always train after everyone has either gone to sleep or Anna doesn't have class and there aren't any students anywhere near one part of the university.

Velvet was given her powers by the previous demon queen who had passed away after giving Velvet the powers of the demon queen, the previous demon queen had lived for a very long time and had lived a fulfilled life, though the previous demon queen told Velvet of the mistakes she had made and asked for Velvet to not make the same mistakes as she had, she asked Velvet to protect the demon world as best she could when she was ready.

But that wasn't the end of the story, Velvet shortly after hearing the previous demon queen's tale and receiving the previous demon queen's power her body collapsed from the shock of the amount of power pushed into her system, for two weeks Velvet was bed ridden until her body adjusted to her new found strength, speed and power.

After her recovery Velvet was asked to attend a university to see what it is like to live among humans and vampires and see if demons truly can live among the two other races, or whether it would be better to call the demons already living there back and cut themselves off from the human world, though it was advised to leave those who didn't wish to leave the human world where they were if they were happy.


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28 / Under your bed ea...
Posted 9/3/17 , edited 9/3/17
Name: Baroq "Bloodfallen" Whitford

Age: 25

Origin: Windohym

Specie: Ex-Human

Year: 1

Position: Dean of Students


Mastery of Archery and Halberd Wielding, Super Intuition, Hand to Hand Combat, Inhuman Strength, Superior Leadership


Blood Armor: Baroq uses his blood to form his battle armor, Grief and conjure his Anti Vampire Weapon, Lament (To be expanded upon in AVWP thread). Grief, the battle armor has its own conscience and is able to act independently to better protect Baroq. Grief is able to see attacks from Baroq's blind spots and form blood spikes to deflect them. Grief also greatly enhances the physical abilities of Grief such as speed, power and endurance.

Blood Army: Baroq spills his blood on to the floor, each drip of blood giving form to a Blood Soldier. Blood Soldiers are resistant to projectiles however, they are weak to physical attacks. Baroq frequently uses them as fodder to try to distract his opponent before dealing a blow to his opponent. Attacks dealt by Blood Soldiers will take absorb the blood that it spills, making Baroq stronger.

Personality: Cold, Sinister, Vengeful, Serious


With the Ezalor University opening, the Duke of Windohym was not happy. An institution that allowed Vampires to enhance their skills and grow stronger? That could only spell further danger and havoc that vampires could cause. A place that humans would learn to coexist with Vampires? That is everything that goes against the Duke's beliefs, the Duke greatly hated Vampires. As such with the influence of the Duke, the Duke managed to secure a spot for Baroq, the Head General of the Silver Battalion as a Dean in the Ezalor University so that Baroq would be given free access to roam as well as investigate the Ezalor University, to further the Duke's purposes.


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