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Posted 7/25/17 , edited 7/25/17
Hey fellow Peeps,

So i have this animation story idea and want to contact some members of the anime industry about it, or someone who knows how to animate in general for advice. Well the idea i have can either be a short little movie or maybe a series but im not sure yet. I usually never go to lengths and would go to an industry for just any idea. But this one is different i think it will share an important message to the world and especially stubborn Americans. Just needs to be executed right. So my question is this:
How do i get my idea off the ground and be taken seriously to people in the industry? Are their people in crunchyroll that take ideas, review them, and then possibly reach out to anime studios? If so just how do i get started?"

Again i would never post something like this unless i thought it would be a great idea. And i know theres a possibility i wont even get noticed just because i bet they get people like this everyday so they are probably saying "great not another one" But still i want to try! I will not be sharing my idea until i at least talk to an animator or someone at least somewhat professional because well i dont want anyone to take the idea. Thanks for the replies in advance! Please quote me or mention me so i can get notified on a response! Or Please Personal Message me!

-Murasame (I dont like being known as Ninja Pro i want to change my name lol)
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Posted 7/26/17 , edited 7/26/17
I'll skip the first point that your odds of success are tiny, as you seem to have acknowledged that already.

The way to increase your odds is to flesh out your idea so that people can see you have invested time, money or both to achieve your goal.

Develop a plot outline.
Write a script for a key scene or episode.
Commission an artist to draw some of your characters or scenes.
Write & draw a storyboard.
Develop some character profiles.
Draw a map of your world or select locations you want to use it is set on earth.

Convert your materials into a presentation you can give or a demo you can post to the company.

A key decision you have is to decide how much you want to share. Say nothing and no one will pay any attention to you (unless you break into a studio in an all-or-nothing bid to talk to an executive).
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Well usually you write a light novel/manga/visual novel. then if it does really well some guy just turns it into an anime. There aren't many anime originals and when there are they get well known writers There has to be some sort of backing. Like you make a mobile game and it becomes popular then they make an anime out of it to promote it. It has to exist as a franchise or completed story first.
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Posted 7/28/17 , edited 7/29/17
Fastest way to get your idea out there?
Don't animate it. Write a comic.
Or do animate it, but by yourself and a small team. Do a short film. Submit to festivals. Earn cool medals and enough revenue to make another film.

The animation industry, no matter the country, is really really hard to work with. Animation takes a large amount of staff and a lot of time. It's not something a person without considerable connections, experience, and funding can really grapple with. I've heard from a professor that used to work in tv that people get swindled out of their story pitches frequently too.

Especially in US, the TV networks are unforgiving. They won't grant you a chance unless you can prove to them that you will sell, and you will sell A LOT. Even shows that make it onto air and have several seasons might get unfavorable show times, making it hard for their audiences to access them.
Netflix is easing the burden a little, but it's still very difficult to navigate the production process. There's a lot of original shows being made now, (Bee and Puppycat, all those youtube animations, RWBY?) that were made because the creator disregarded the traditional processes, gathered their own staff and pitched to places to find funding, and just went for it.

The straightest path forward to your goal is to just do it yourself.
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