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Posted 8/4/17 , edited 8/4/17
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Posted 8/4/17 , edited 8/4/17

WitchRolina wrote:
Ah, that's what you meant. Yeah, we're not exactly Alpha Male in that regard, I'll admit that. Power still has benefits, but it's certainly not exclusive.

Power does have benefits, certainly. But we humans do what we're best at: Form large complex social circles ( The Monkey Sphere(tm) ) and work together towards larger goals. We wouldn't work if you forced us into social structure of different species.

I mean we're pretty far past "Imma fight all these other dudes so all the ladies in the immediate vicinity will have sex with me". If we tried to do that both the Other Dudes(tm) and the Ladies(tm) would pitch the "Alpha Male" off a cliff. >.>

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