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Posted 7/27/17 , edited 7/28/17
So I seriously doubt I'm the only one seeing this, but even with the volume low enough that episodes are just barely audible, i get one particular ad that plays at almost every break that is loud enough that it can be heard on the opposite end of the house with all of the doors shut, the sound quality is, well, unintelligible and the ad is running at about 5 frames a second, the name of the company, as far as I can tell with the terrible low quality of the video seems to be just ".Net" I genuinely don't mind watching ads for free anime, but I have to think that this is a poor show of quality both for crunchyroll and for the advertiser. I genuinely can't even tell what the product being advertised is, and the incredible volume disparity has to be a risk of damaging people's speakers and headphones, assuming it doesn't just outright cause damage
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