Post Reply Do people find low light appearance of crunchy roll videos to be good
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Posted 7/29/17 , edited 7/29/17
Here is Crunchyroll

And here is the Blu Ray

I have a monitor with really good contrast so maybe it's just me but doesn't that look awful to you? And that isn't even the worst part here is the worst part


Blu Ray

These are examples from the begining of RE:Zero it's only used as an example because it's a show with a really good examples of poor low light performance in the beginning of the show.

tbh I think if they just put it in to render at a longer preset it would get rid of most of these issues, it's not like there youtube and are having to deal with years worth of content every day so they have to use the quickest preset, there bitrate is fine you can get better performance of a 3000kbps 1080p video as long as you put it on a moderate encode speed.

Or maybe this was just a one off as I don't see it mostly but maybe thats because you don't see many dark scenes like this in anime.
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You know what would help?
Putting those pictures in quotes
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Posted 7/29/17 , edited 7/29/17
a lot of the time it isnt something they can control

and even if it was, expecting blu ray tier (h264+) encodes on a catalog this size would be obscene
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