Blood-C Stage Play Streaming on Amazon
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Posted 7/31/17 , edited 8/1/17

This is big. This is probably the first time a 2.5 film has been available outside of Japan (except for the few times the casts have appeared at conventions, usually still in Asia).

This is so important, because so many popular series nowadays have parts of the story that are only in the stage plays, not in the anime. Stage plays, or drama CDs or games, that don't get imported, but importing stage plays is a big step!

I hope there can be more of this. I don't care about this Blood series at all, but I might watch this just to support the stage plays thing.

........ If they can stream the K: Lost Small World stage play (prequel based on one of the novels) I would be so happy. Or any of the Touken Ranbu things.
Or any of the concerts for idol anime. Or events and things.
Just, any of the peripherals for anime, not just the anime itself, because nowadays the anime itself is never the complete thing.

. . . . . if Crunchy could stream any of these, I would be really happy about that, too... <3
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