So it happen, netflix done it, anime is a streaming busines
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Posted 8/3/17 , edited 8/4/17
This week Netflix have anounece a
ton of anime property, they re actually
producing, and of course paying.

But first please someone had seen
jason bateman, Ozac. Aint breaking bad
but have lots to deal with it. great show.
Narco season3 is coming( im not getting pay forthis).

i have seen the argument, and disscussion
about amazon anime project, and netflix.
Now the last one are making it harder to
turn away, they already bought kakugarui
and they already making a remade of saint sayas
and DEVILMAN anime. and other, my most anticipated
got be Lesean Canon Buster(huge fan of madureira art)
is the one that interest me. so that mean, this site and
funnimation should worry, the answer Yes

Les be truthful today streaming busines, are becoming
war, that we all kinow it was coming, like Marvel to DC,
Nike n Puma, and 50cents and Kanye(that last one is old)
So now funimation is bought by Sony, and the effect
that is coming to this site, but that have to wait.

But Netflix is really dominating it, with last year
Magi the adventure of sinbad, and Aijin or
Knigh of Sidonia, all produce, but now with
this buy out, and their original content of some
more recognizable anime studios, their just dominating
Their streaming format is worth waiting.
than watching the anime episode of the week.

In words of Marcus Fenix
"It never ends"

So is netflix playing their card right, for streaming anime?
Does affect crunchyroll and Funimation?
les comment and like always
Thank for being awesome
Posted 8/3/17 , edited 8/4/17
Gotta get those weeaboo bucks somehow.
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Posted 8/4/17 , edited 8/4/17
Why did you format your sentences that way? These aren't song lyrics. Or are you planning to make a song?
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Posted 8/4/17 , edited 8/4/17

juanasilo wrote:

This week Netflix have anounece a
ton of anime property,

I've closed this since there's already a thread about it..Please share your thoughts or new information there:

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