Post Reply security issue: other devices stay logged in after password change
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Posted 8/5/17 , edited 8/5/17
I recently changed my password to make it easier to set up Crunchyroll on a new device.

To my surprise, my other devices remained logged in, and I didn't receive any email alert or notice that my password had been updated. This is a security problem.

Please report these bugs to the devs. Thank you.
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Posted 8/5/17 , edited 8/5/17
You deactivate those manually here: /acct/?action=devices

But yes, a password (or email address) change should get an email notification. This has been a long-standing issue.

Adding two-part authentication would be better, and people have requested that, to no response.
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Posted 8/5/17 , edited 8/6/17
I have this same Issue.
my account got hacked/stolen last week, but got it back thanks to customer support.
changed password, cleaned computer, and the works.
deactivated ALL devices....

but there is still someone -undetected- watching shows on my account, according to "Watched History"
can't see IP's logged in.
can't see non-device log ins (browsers etc)
cant force expire log-ins
same reason. can change password every day, but it wont kick off already logged-in accounts
tried contacting customer support.
message got marked "escalated"
day later got replied.... was just told to check the FAQ....

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