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Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
In my opinion, whenever I look at Super Robots (e.g. Mazinger Z, Getter Robo), Real Robots (e.g. Gundam, Macross, VOTOMS), and Hybrid Robots (e.g. Evangelion), and they often make me think of the following:

1. Character classes in an RPG, including:
a. Warrior = Super Robot (built for melee and heavy defense)
b. Rogue = Hybrid Robot (built for a balance between melee and range)
c. Mage = Real Robot (built for long-range fire-support)

2. Guns in a first/third-person shooter, including:
a. Assault rifles = Hybrid Robots (well-balanced)
b. SMGs and Shotguns = Super Robots (close-quarters attack)
c. Sniper rifles and LMGs = Real Robots (long-range defense)

3. Super Sentai archetypes, including:
a. The leader and sixth ranger = Hybrid Robot (the most well-balanced)
b. The muscles and tomboy = Super Robot (front line combat role)
c. The brains and heart = Real Robot (home front support role)

What about you? What parts of your favorite anime remind you of, as well, and why?
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Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
Romance anime remind me of the difference between reality and fantasy.
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Posted 8/10/17 , edited 8/11/17
This OST ( from Hunter x Hunter (2011) reminds me of the OSTs from Ouran High School Host Club and Luigi's Mansion.

I find it really funny, it makes me think of Luigi walking through a haunted Ouran High School.
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