Post Reply Lots of anime on Crunchyroll don't have a genre tags?
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Posted 8/7/17 , edited 8/12/17
I find genre tags the easiest way to find an anime I want to watch compared to going through the alphabetical list.
However, most anime I've noticed on Crunchyroll doesn't have a genre tag at all.

Is there a way to contribute to help tagging or get this fixed?
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Posted 8/9/17 , edited 8/9/17
If we were allowed to contribute/help out, that would be really great! :D

A system similar to how Steam shows "popular user-defined tags" and lets you add more would be good. I think for their system you have to be logged in, which would be essential in my opinion!
Maybe an even better system would be to allow a user to put tags when they write a review, even a short one, just to make sure there isn't spam (such as some people REALLY hate bishounen characters and could spam the tags).

Also honestly - half the time generic genres/tags that publishers might put out aren't always the most fitting, especially once the show/season is complete. It would help with the reviews section too I think?

I would def find more anime closer to my tastes tastes without relying on what shows friends or people I follow post about on twitter/tumblr, or trying to find sorta through MyAnimeList (which can be overwhe ming).
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