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Posted 8/7/17 , edited 8/7/17
I watched season one of that hero academy show with all might and went to start season 2 when a few min in the video entered the error message that leaves me two options back or retry, i hit retry I just enter a loop as the error immediately reappears if I press back and reenter the video it happens again at the same moment. Only certain videos do this help
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Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17

Is your phone updated to the most recent version of Android that's available for your device? Update your phone and after that's done, update the Crunchyroll app. If your phone and the app are both already up to date try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If none of that helps and you haven't done so already, contact Crunchyroll support explaining the problem and include the following information:

- Phone Model
- Streaming Via: (3g, 4g, Wi Fi)
- Service Provider
- Android OS
- App Version

Here's the link for the contact form: /contact.
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