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Posted 8/7/17 , edited 8/14/17

I am having some unbearable amount of buffering while streaming shows. I know it's not my internet because playing games and watching YouTube I have no issue. No lag nor buffer.

PC Info:
- Windows 10
- Google Chrome 59.0.3071.11
- JavaScript V8
- Flash

ISP Info:
- Verizon
- 19ms / 83Mbps Download / 92Mbps upload.

I have also done the typical troubleshooting such as power cycling my modem/router. Rebooting the computer and wiping my Google Chrome caches. Once again this only happens on this site. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you!
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Posted 9/16/17 , edited 9/17/17

Are you still experiencing this problem? Have you tried using a different browser and watching different episodes?
Here are Crunchyroll's video playback troubleshooting steps:

From that article I'd try doing a pingtest and a speedtest right after you are having this issue to see what your current ping, jitter, up and down speeds are. Do a tracert and nslookup as well and report that information along with what you posted previously to Crunchyroll. Here's a link for the contact form: /contact
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