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Posted 8/12/17 , edited 8/12/17
You know how, in Super Robot Wars, supers, hybrids, and reals would be tailored to certain roles based on either their ability or inability to defy the laws of physics? What kind of roles do you think each of the three different types of mecha would play, not only in Super Robot Wars, but also in the various anime series they inhabit?

In my opinion, it's the following:

Super Robots: An attack role, due to their emphasis on hot-blooded aggression and melee combat, except for the occasional chest blaster, eye beams, and/or rocket fists for ranged projectiles.

Real Robots: A defense and/or support role, due to being smaller, more frail, and primarily fighting with guns like rifles and bazookas, with melee weapons as emergency backups.

Hybrid Robots: A balance between the offense of super robots and the defense/support of real robots.
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