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Post Reply The Most Hilarious Martial Arts Techniques Ever!
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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/16/17

kevz_210 wrote:

The dumbest I've seen on the net is the touch-less knockout nonsense. Sorry guys, martial arts isn't magic or a superhuman ability despite what you see in the movies

The choking defense one in the video was hilarious, you would literally be assisting the attacker in knocking you out

I saw that, The students must doing it out of respect of their master, especially when knowing he is insane! XD They probably felt bad and decided to stay with him.. I mean he could have mental problem all suddenly and he wasn't like that few years ago.. just an example on why the students stick with him..

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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/16/17

Steelmonk wrote:

JanusCascade wrote:

zero356 wrote:

JanusCascade wrote:

zero356 wrote:

Let's go down the list, because a lot of these aren't completely stupid (still like 50% stupid)

While the first one lists some stupid ideas, distracting the opponent does make things easier. Making them think "WTF" for even a second could let you run or immobilize them, dependent on what else you know

Never underestimate going for the balls

The meat of the arm does have pressure points, and there is an element of this that wasn't mentioned (or forgotten all together)
You're supposed to get your chin into the pressure points--> this also means his arm is off your neck and on you chin. It still hurts, but you're not being choked.
Another good choice from that position is to judo throw them. Any basic forward throw would work, or for those who don't know Judo, just squat, dip the shoulder their arm is over forward, and try to pull him over/around

The classes thing is just great. If someone attacking you actually gave you the time to do it.

The foot twisting one is another thing that's fairly legit, just not explained fully
It does offer a lot of control
Even better if you apply an ankle lock (and precede to break his ankle if needed)

Same with the finger/wrist lock at the end, though that one doe seem like much more a contest of strength.

Source: I've practiced martial arts for a few years now. Not a master and generally suck at fighting, but these are just my 2 cents

Well, the thing is the person they're practicing on are just standing there which is not good practices in real life situation.. Of course the enemies/rapist will alway move around and start attacking back instead of just stand there and let other start throwing punches or martial art moves on them.

The part where the man put his hand on the lady's butt, noticed how she only grab one of his hand and than twist it around to throw him down? That won't work, because in reality he will use his left hand, he not gonna stand there unless he really drunk!

True, but that was the worse offense
The rest are meant to be used in combination with something, are more technique based (the choke), or assume a preset condition (the ankle lock)

And there is also merit in static practice, especially when starting out

That make sense, beginner practice on standing still foe, and once they're familiar with the techniques the practice target can start moving around.

Yep static, then 1/4 speed, then sparing, then old age. "Please don't hurt me, I'm old", when they turn around, do a high roundhouse to the back of the head. "Old Man Kung Fu" Cheat 'cause your bones hurt, and you need to go home and nap.

Their called sneaky old man tricks and their deadly. And it's not just "Go easy, I'm old"
It's you're grappling like normal (I practice Jujitsu/Judo), you seem to do nothing wrong, and then you're looking at the ceiling.
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