PS3 vs Xbox 360
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Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
If this was already made can someone direct me to the read, if not discuss with the following.

PS3: i'm getting it tommarow and so far i love all the real-time trailers for the games Killzone: 2, And KH 3, and MGS4, and other great games coming out.
Good : Great driver, blue-ray, 60 GB, 100 dollar price cut, The great games are greater than anything.
Bad : Really expensive, but they had a 100 price-cut, Not that many games (BUT XBOX 360 FIRST RELEASED HAD NOT MANY GAMES EITHER) no achievement system so you cant feel special? lol...and also everyones hating against it because they are fanboys of nintendo and microsoft.

Xbox360: I've gotten this before, really great games for these that get you addicted but most of them are for Teens, I mean xbox360 is more of a Sports and Shooting game, with a bit of racing, Even though GoW and Halo nearly revolutionized everything i still beleive PS3 has the most potential.
Good: Awesome games, Halo1, 2, and 3!!. great Achievement system, great games that NEARLY revolutionized everything, and great online play.
Bad : The overunning rumor of Xbox 360 overheating after 30 minutes of gameplay, the Red light of death...The expensiveness of online, the overhype.

Overall Xbox 360 still reigns for now, and PS3 has alot of potential if stupid companys werent so poor cause it is very hard to program for the PS3, since its 1008 pb or w/e, all they have to do is make it smaller -_-' but anyways.

Im getting PS3 with the game resistance : fall of man. :D

I also tryed out xbox 360, the reason i returned it back to sam's club for all my money back is because GoW dissapointed me, it was just pre-render in the trailer and nothing like the trailer and it was very stupid and way to easy if you know what to do and had good eyes.

Also here are some trailers of Killzone 2, And yes it is realtime


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Posted 7/13/07 , edited 7/14/07
Which system do you think is better, 360 Wii or PS3?

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