Are microtransactions going to cause mass irritation and crash the market
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Listen i think all Gaming enthusiasts can all agree as a collective Cheat codes died with the rise of the online community and was places with an impenetrable wall of (Pay to Progress). Listen, I know this issue is too complication to answer on a simple Crunchyroll forum post but at least there is some more insight on the subject. Just like Ubisoft pulling out expendable titles every quarterly period, i feel alot of of development studios are slacking when it comes to content. I think the market has slacked from a handful of box office titles to millions of jab titles just added to the market to squeeze every penny from the gamers pocket. ----Example----- Lets look at the mobile games with micro-transaction currency, the only way to progress without spending 20,000 human years to become proficient is to drop heaps into the games just o feel satisfied with your personal progress. Another example are shooters such as Call of Duty™ (trash) that make you pay for small cosmetic upgrades and make you pay for updates to play the latest content. And some will say "its justified due to its lush content." I can give two games that don't make you pay for exponential amounts of cash for content, Elite dangerous, and Grand Theft Auto V. Both of which have free content updates and large amounts of content.

Personally, I have toned down my gaming by at least 80% in the past few years to my resistance of paying for things that should be somewhat free. *cries in socialism* Some will try to attack that last statement with the Dev studios need to make money to pay for games. <----- My arse. Did you know Valve studios the makers of Half-life and portal make almost $700,000,000.00 annually from marketing when their development teams only cost roughly $13,000,000.00 to employ annually. If i was a CEO i wold want to make profit don't get me wrong. But in the end i feel if the milking continues with this market, soon enough like all things its momentum will die and lead to a crash.

-----Excuse the gaming rant
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I'll first look at your examples in the first paragraph:

1. Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV doesn't provide free content that isn't designed for cash grabs.
With that being said, Rockstar has only provided content for GTA V's online multiplayer game.
This encourages the endless roulette of microtransactions, as some people will pay for Shark Cash Cards with more in-game content for online multiplayer.

2. Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous has a season pass (required for additional content) and several bundles (six of them, I believe) you can purchase for in-game content.
So you do have to pay an additional fee to access more content.

Your other points are a little confusing.
You're indicating that the cost of producing a game is $13,000,000 because that's how much the development team's salaries equaled?
That point seems to ignore the costs of marketing, upkeep of servers (if it has online multiplayer), the budget/salary of the overall company, and additional aspects outside of just the core development team.

I do understand that the excessive prices in gaming are becoming a bit ridiculous.
It's a shame that some games require you to get the "Ultimate Edition" to get all of the content available.
Look at Warner Brothers franchises (Injustice 2) or Ubisoft games (Watch Dogs 2/For Honor) that have several versions out on the market.
When compared to the "vanilla" version (priced at $60), the "ultimate/gold" edition will yield all the content for the game (priced at $90+ depending on the game).
It's a shame that you have to pay $30+ the premium for additional content that was already designed and developed for the game.

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