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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/16/17
I've noticed a trend these past few years that Kickstarter is being used more and more for funding anime projects. One such project is the anime English dub that Crunchyroll has announced.


Do you believe this is a better way to get more animation that would previously be out of reach for us fans or just a stunt to get out of paying the high cost? What are your opinions?
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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/16/17
Since no one else is going to I'll start first. Please excuse my non-debating talents.

I do think it's a better way to get more animation, but it could be possible they are trying to cut down on costs. A lot of companies do this when they are struggling a tad. Now Crunchyroll may not be struggling at all, and I have no idea about things like that, but that is what I think.
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