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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/16/17
As you know there's been a recent rise over these display technologies where you can project a 3D image and manipulate it with your hand. The distinction between these two, however, if based on your view.

AR glasses: You can see images as big as your eye can see, it can be scaled easily, and it can be pin pointed on a location based on your choice. The down side, once you take off the glasses, you won't be able to see anything.

Hologram: The image is designated at a fixed location, but whether you have glasses or not you are able to see the image.

My choice is more on Hologram at this point simply because I do not need a glasses to see, but for this hologram to follow me and interact with me, the projection would still need some work.

P.S I'd probably be the biggest traitor to AR glasses
Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/16/17
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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/17/17
AR glass
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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/17/17
I'm going AR
I wear glasses, so it's a plus for me
More important is all of the other tech that goes with it.
Holograms are easy but not responsive or interactive.
AR requires a lot of interaction and environment recognition. Stuff that could be applied elsewhere in tech. And on your phone, meaning you wouldn't need glasses to use it.

Now, if you're talking interactive holograms, then the question is a bit more interesting, though AR still wins
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