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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/20/17
I normally don't skip OP and ED's of anime, because more often than not, they're actually quite catchy. However when I do, it's really inconvenient as I have to click forward every episode and then orient my position to where I the OP ends. For ED's it's somewhat easier as I just skip to the next episode but still.

As for episode summaries. I skip every one without exception. Screw those spoilers, I want to go in gleamy eyed and full of hope that everyone I love won't die right before my eyes.

So I suggest, an option for each individual series you add to your queue, you can check any number of three boxes. Skip OP, skip ED and skip next episode preview. On your profile, you can set the defaults values of those settings (which by default, the defaults are to skip nothing). This way, nobody is at a loss from this systems implementation.

As for how to implement, there is really only one way. With each episode released, appoint someone to find the moment where the OP starts and ends, and do the same for the ED and episode preview. Then it'll just skip over those sections in the playback if it is selected to skip them. In an ideal world, it also wouldn't buffer them and wouldn't show them in the episode progress slider, but for now, lets not worry about that.

So what'ya say?
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Posted 8/18/17 , edited 8/18/17
I do like the idea, because I personally skip them as well. Mostly because there can be some form of spoiler in them. I will however watch them on the last episode of the series to see what it's like.

But as you said, because they are at different times in each episode, especially shows which have a short clip before the OP starts, it would require someone to personally go through each episode. Sure it wouldn't be hard to do that for the new episodes being released, but going through the whole catalogue which already exists would take a long time. I don't think CR would like to spend the time and money to do such a thing.

If you haven't figured out already, on a normal episode length of about 24mins, the OP and ED are 1:30min long, so just look at the timestamp when the OP starts and you can skip to the correct position in the episode. This also helps figuring out whether there is more content after the ED.
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Posted 8/20/17 , edited 8/20/17
The weird part is that non-subs can do so without much guesswork as the first commercial is usually right after the OP and the last commercial is usually right before the ED. So they can just click on the little ad marker to skip to the add and then get on with life.

Subscribers, on the other hand, have to use guesswork and that knowledge of how long they are to skip those parts.
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