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Posted 8/16/17 , edited 8/16/17
Hi all,
Was just wondering whether i should watch the first series or the new remake thats on crunchy roll.
This anime has been very highly rated by many so i want to watch it the best way. I have also started cowboy bebop and although its old, i kind of dig the old school animation.
I'd love to hear any opinions, cheers.
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Posted 10/20/17 , edited 10/20/17
definitely watch the new because it goes beyond the original, but I would still watch the original. The OVA is impeccable even considering the time. Flawless animation at Togashi's peak when he was most pasisonate about telling the stroy of Hunter x Hunter, vs. 2011 and on when technology far surpassed what could be done by hand in the 90's. That's really the deal breaker. I love both and both are different, that is for sure!
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