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Posted 8/17/17 , edited 8/17/17
Can we please get more info on show pages, like for example, original air dates? I'm not asking that it be as detailed as something like animenewsnetwork or MAL(though I don't think that'd be entirely out of the question) but damn.

Just as an example, I was just recommended Barakamon by someone. I come to Crunchyroll, go to the show page, click on the "More Info" tab and there is absolutely nothing. It's completely blank. Under details is a short, two sentence synopsis, one publisher listed and it's tagged "slice of life". There is no information as to when it aired, what studio it's from, rating, whether it's a sequel/prequel or standalone series or what.

Is asking for a bit more general info too much to ask? I just feel like I shouldn't have to go to another site just to find basic info like this when CRoll is one of the biggest official places for anime.

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Posted 8/19/17 , edited 8/19/17
I agree with this would love for the pages to have all details about the show. +1
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