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Posted 8/18/17 , edited 8/19/17
Greetings there CR staff and curators and anime fans.

I am new to this channel as a whole. I just started my subscription account for the very first time. And I am sad (i think like any other) to see that there are many, many, many old school series and non so old school series that are not being part of CR roster. But I know it comes down to licenses and other small issues. Let's see if by partner with Funimation things will change for the better with this community and the catalog will become more.

That was my introduction.


Now to my proposal.

As I am a brand new monthly subscriber. I went and just download the application from you guys, to be ready and prepare, and I have notice some, non cool things. And I hope with my proposal, (with all due respect) could be possible. So it can be better updated like what I had imagine and or I though it was.

Well here it is.

The application already is what it is, it's okay. But it sure can be better, with a better social live experience rather than a personal one yeah.

1) Have an option in the settings menu for notifications, so we can be up to date with any new upcoming update from new episodes equal to the completed series. With sound. Because, when I open again my application, then there I saw just about a few moments there where some new uploads.

2) When you click any series and it takes you to its presentation main page, where all the chapters and plot summary are. Why not have the comment section for the series like the web does?. Could be in two ways, at the bottom when you scroll until the main page last episode or current one. And another better way, a swipe to the right option so we can see comments from that particular series and the people commented and are talking about it. So we can do the same and reply.

3) Also the same when you are watching an episode, have a clickable comment bubble icon. It can opens from either side and or in a new page depending the convenience to see what people are talking about the particular episode we are watching and also comment and reply.

This 3 options are based on my first impressions that can sure have been awesome for that experience that we can benefit for to a better social interaction.

P.s. Till next time.
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