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Posted 8/19/17 , edited 8/19/17
Hello. I've been taking some time out to start watching some dramas again by leading with the last I remember watching, which was the Hana Kimi series. I've watched all of them (I had to watch the Japanese remake of it from 2011 too) and I'm making my way through To the Beautiful You currently. However, as I watch it, I see so many problematic themes with the plot. Especially in its treatment of female characters, femininity, and 'gay' characters or how 'gay' sexuality is viewed.

I was curious if anyone knew of any actual LGBTQ+ dramas or films for recommendation? I remember about 5 - 6 years ago, there was very little and most of it had terrible endings/stereotypes. Along with series that had queer-baiting as well. Being that I'm getting back into watching films/dramas from Asia, I was wondering if anyone knew about anything good?

I'm suspecting I may find more to like in films (since they seem to have more freedom) than dramas. I also know there are have web-dramas? I've watched one called Lily Fever, which was incredibly odd. However, it had a blend of very odd behavior and realism or at least, commentary dressed up in satire and silly humor. Also, it had amazing kissing in it, which was shocking to see, considering I've resigned myself to the fate of forever watching frozen, bone-chilling stare kisses.

I'm good watching anything from any country regardless of gender or sexuality, as long as it's featuring a queer-idenitfying person and a reasonable part of the story. It just would be nice to see something a little different sometimes that's reflective of a part of my own identity.

Also, if it matters, I know it sounds silly, but I'm not super into romance, so if you know of any sci-fi, fanatasy, horror, thriller, crime, mystery... etc stuff too, feel free to add those as well!
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Posted 8/19/17 , edited 8/20/17
Some movie recommendations for you. Not sure if you've seen them as they're a bit higher profile but here you go anyway. :)

Carol is very good. I watched it on a plane trip but ended up tearing up at certain parts regardless. Heh Pretty heavy drama but well worth the watch.

The Imitation Game is a little more uneven, I found, but is still very interesting. Probably more of a story outside of the drama than Carol but it's also actually historically based so it has extra weight in that regard.

The Danish Girl is one I haven't seen myself but have been wanting to for a while. Historic backing on this one too though more loosely than The Imitation Game.
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Posted 8/19/17 , edited 8/20/17
Sadly, the only 2 LGBT series from the country I'm in has no subs.

How about BL movies from Japan?
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