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Posted 8/19/17 , edited 8/20/17
I've been trying to watch Fate/Zero on my PC, however, when I go to the page it says it's not available in my region. I live in England and I use both mobile and PC. Whenever I go on mobile, I have no problems watching it but on PC it says I can't? Is there any way to fix this?
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Posted 8/20/17 , edited 8/20/17
The first thing to try is go to the video settings page /acct/?action=video and make sure the language is "English US" instead of UK.

Also in the footer (of any CR page) try clicking the language setting from UK to US, and refresh.

If that doesn't work, go to the /contact page and scroll down to "Detected Country" and see if it has you located correctly. Sometimes an ISP will get a block of used addresses which are wrong in the geolocation database. If that's the case here, then the only thing you can do is contact your ISP to try to get them to reset or assign you a different one.

FYI, on a separate note, your image didn't display because of the "$" that a bug has placed in the bbcode. Removing that "$" will fix that problem.
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