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Posted 8/20/17 , edited 8/20/17
I know that there are people who thought that Gundam Wing didn't age well, even though I have no idea as to how or why. But for me, I thought Gundam Wing aged better than most people give it credit for.

I mean, sure, there were five edgelord bishonen who were even more like teens with attitude than that other group of five teens with attitude who also pilot giant robots, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. That would have been one way GW would have aged miserably. Plus, when I first watched Gundam Wing, I wasn't the right age, so I was put off by five anti-social teenage boys murdering each other and invading Earth, when I was always accustomed to the opposite being true, again, Power Rangers.

But watching it again on Daisuki as an adult, I believe I managed to find GW aging more gracefully than most people give it credit for. It dealt with the negative, long-term repercussions of war as any Gundam or other real robot series should. It never glamorized or romanticized war, so much as demonstrated the horrifying realities of it, compared to Power Rangers being the opposite of that. And, again, compared to the Power Rangers' Megazord, the Gundams and the numerous other mobile suits they'd destroy on a regular basis also abided to the laws of physics and were much more grounded in reality, again, no different from the mobile suits of past and future Gundam series and other real robot anime.

So why would people think Gundam Wing didn't manage to age well? Or am I wrong, and it's just a huge generalization?
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