Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion (Any & All ASOIAF Conversation Welcome)
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Posted 8/21/17 , edited 8/21/17
So, episode 6 just happened. And holy shit stuff went down. But I do have some gripes. The action and CGI is magnificent, but as many have pointed out on the interwebs, the writing has gotten considerably worse. Now, this is to be expected, as there is no more source material for D&D to go off of. I also wanted to see more of Euron this season, but he was just a badass a few times and then bizzy bounced into no screentime oblivion. (Perhaps we'll see him in the last episode, and definitely season 8.) The show is making Tyrion seem almost useless overall with his constant blunders as a tactician. I've got much more on my mind but I don't wanna ramble forever lol. Idk where I'm going with this, I'm tired and I'm going on about nothing but I wanted to make a forum about GOT since there seems to be none on here, surprisingly. Any thoughts on this season? Predictions for the next episode? (Script already leaked but whatever.) Any interesting book tidbits anyone wants to bring up? Just discuss anything and everything in here if that so tickles your fancy.
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Posted 8/21/17 , edited 8/21/17

PandaSamaBoi wrote:

So, episode 6 just happened.

I've closed this because 1) it belongs in the Movies, TV Shows forum but 2) there's already a thread for discussion about season 7 there as well as a more general Game of Thrones thread that seems to have been recently revived where the current season is being discussed.

Please do share your thoughts in one of those threads:


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