Rideshare for Crunchyroll Expo on Saturday from Roseville, CA area
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Posted 8/22/17 , edited 8/22/17
I am not sure I'm allowed to do this on the Crunchyroll forums, so don't lynch me for it.

I've bought my ticket to the Crunchyroll Expo, but I also acknowledge that I drive an SUV that can hold 4 big people comfortably, and 5 average or smaller sized people no problem. I'm driving from Roseville, CA so the drive is about 2-3 hours depending on traffic. You don't have to pay for gas, I've made up my mind I'm going to this event regardless, and all my friends live in Oregon.

I'm only going to the Saturday portion of the Crunchyroll Expo as I work 10 hours on Friday and I prepare for my next week of work on Sunday. This will be a one day offer, and you must be willing to ride back to Roseville after the day at the event or find other ride accomodations, as I'm not willing to drive back to Santa Clara on Sunday.


1) You have to be 18 and older. I don't want to deal with your parents griping about you going on a ride-share with some person.
2) You have to not be too weird and off-putting. I'm driving a car for 2 maybe 3 hours with you each way, so I have to be able to tolerate you for that amount of time. (You'll have to friend me on Facebook or be able to hold a conversation with me so that we can at least form an idea of who we are, I'm going to ask that you are able to furnish id when/if I choose to pick you up that indicates that I'm not transporting minors without parental permission)
3) You pack your trash out of my car. I like my car, thank you very much, and I like it clean. If you leave my car full of garbage on the way to the convention I don't promise a ride back. You have been warned.
4) If you are cosplaying, at least let me know ahead of time so we can arrange storage arrangements for your stuff in my car. I don't want to end up with a bunch of big cosplay stuff in my car and no space for anyone. AC blows from the front of the car only, so I'm sure you don't want to be boiled alive under your cosplay gear.
5) You must be able to furnish your own ticket to the convention, I'm only offering a ride from Roseville, I'm not paying for your ticket.
6) Only a maximum of 4 passengers can be taken with me. This is for legal and safety issues of the occupant in my vehicle. Groups will be given consideration to allow for no person to be left behind. Although this also means a ride cannot be guarenteed due to limited seating. Arrangements will be finalized on Friday at 3 am, and I will send text messages to those who will be riding with me.
7) Front passenger controls the music, this is a house rule in my car. So whomever gets picked to be front passenger, or wins front passenger seat has full authority over my spotify music. I will not listen to radio.
8) NO SMOKING IN MY CAR, I will literally drop you off at the next gas station if you smoke in my car.
9) No illegal activities in my car, this includes but isn't limited to, theft, smuggling, human traffiking, illegal arms possessions, narcodics possessions, riding without a seatbelt, and littering out my windows. If you get me pulled over for something illegal that you are doing, I'll happily hand you over and ask you ride with the officer instead.
10) I'm going to the convention to have fun, let's all enjoy this event and all the anime that we love and not ruin it for any of our fellow occupants.

These will be the house rules of my ride-share offering

My contacting this posting, you agree to all the rules stated in this posting body
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Posted 8/25/17 , edited 8/25/17
Looks like I drive alone. Bummer, was hoping for a not as boring drive.
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Posted 8/1/18 , edited 8/1/18
Event over locked.
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