Post Reply CoreMediaErrorDomain error -12645 and NSURLErrorDomain error -999
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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/23/17
Every time I attempt to watch Episode 8 of Knights and Magic using the mobile app I constantly get an error pop up that says:

"The Opperation Couldn't Be Completed.
(CoreMediaErrorDomain error -12645 -
Can not proceed after removing variant.)

It than asks me to "Close" or "Retry" close causes the player to close, and retry causes the pop up to appear again.

After attempting to browse the in-app support I also came across an other error code that said:

"The Opperation Couldn't be Completed.
(NSURLErrorDomain error -999.)

Than asks me to click either "Ok" or "Retry" Ok actually brought me forward a page since it occurred when I hit back. Retry causes the error to appear again.

I'm curious as to what's going on here, the errors seem like it's a server communication issue and is out of my hands but it is annoying not being able to watch my shows. Note: This has only happened to this anime so far that I've tried.

Judging as how this seems to be a rather bad server/domain error I'll probably mark the severity of the problems as "Severe" even though for me it's a medium hindrance I know from personal Server Administration experience that any major server/domain communication errors should be treated swiftly.

I'll also list my specs because there may still be a possibility that it's my device for some reason not talking to the Domain properly.

Device: iPhone 6+
OS: iOS 10.3.2 (out of date I know)
Time of occurance: 03:40
Nature of occurance: Attempting to play Episode 8 of Knights and Magic, or clicking back on a loaded support page while in app.
Frequency of occurance: 100%
App Version: 3.1.0
Edit: ISP: Time Warner Spectrum

I believe that's all you'll need for a ticket. If there's any additional data you require please let me know.
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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/23/17
It's a bug. It's already reported and being worked on.
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Posted 7/30/18 , edited 7/30/18
Hi shinryou:
Sorry to bother you. I am Noobi on Crunchyroll but I see you replied to someone who had my problem: I'm stuck at Episode 3 of Iwatobi Swim Club with the following Error Message:
"The operation couldn't be completed. INSURLErrorDemain error -999.
I tried to email Crunchyroll help (I have a Premium Subscription gift) but it wouldn't send my request - also got an error message
Do you know IF this was ever fixed or should I give up hope of watching IwatobiSC> I tried to skip to Episode 4 or 5 but same error code.
THANK YOU so much for taking time to read this - I don't really know what else to do. (^_^)
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