Idyll Haven - Crimson Silence [WIP]
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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/23/17

Hell all!

I started working on a graphic novel in 2014, and I'm near completing the 3rd chapter.
The artist and I decided on giving the graphic novel a manga-esque look given how popular the style is, and due to it being the artist's style of choice.

I plan on releasing more as time goes by. These are also the first draft so any and all feedback is welcome. Changes will be applied to the printed release :)

Anyhow you can read the graphic novel here:
(I can't figure out how to post a hyperlink. I'm trying to use url=*insert link*, but it's not working. Nothing on Google, either :/)
Hope you enjoy it!
Otter Modder
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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/23/17
Locked and closed by request. For reference urls work like this:

[link url="url goes here"]words go here[/link]
[url label="words go here"]url goes here[/url]

Same with images, it is

[img]image url goes here[/img]
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