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Posted 8/23/17 , edited 8/24/17

The number of ADs recently have made watching anime absolutely unbearable. And look, I get it...ADs are an important source of revenue for the site and to keep it running, I get it. But to what end? Guys, I legit almost fell asleep from the fatigue of having to watch the ads. It RUINES the episodes for me and for a lot of viewers such as myself. It feels like non-premium are being punished for not paying. Which honestly, isn't something new but, to this extent? I'm just asking for reasonable amount of ADs. Thats actually all.

P.s, I was already a premium member for a good while and stopped being one simply because the anime would just lag sooooo much. On both my phone and PC. I really like to support you guys but the service is killing me.
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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/24/17
You're not really being punished for not paying; you're just not gaining the benefits of paying, which makes sense, since you're not paying for them.

To what end, you ask? You get to watch anime legitimately that actually benefits those that create it instead of using an infringement streaming site whose border ads only benefit itself. CRs ad-based income goes toward paying their own fees as well as to pay those whose content they stream. The exact same place that subscribers' payments go. Subs get extra benefit by not having to watch ads.
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