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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/24/17
Try to imagine an anime that instead of having one of each type of anime character in a group, they had seperate groups of each type.
First off different types: High and Mighty, Crazy Freaky, Silent Library type, and
Emotionless Business First people. There are probably many other types but that is what I have right now.

It could be a Highschool anime with Rich kids, Problem children, Study constantly adolecents, and hard work people.
It could be a Sci-Fi anime with the Main empire, Pirates, Vulcan types, and Merchants.
It could be a Sports anime with groups of Last years winners, known cheaters, study the rules players, and constant practice people.
(Your Idea Here)

I'm sure an anime studio could come up with 10-12 episodes showing the groups facing off and finally figuring out that they need people from each of the other groups to always come out on top.

The anime would be great as long as they didn't have one of these types of laughs which ruins any show its on:

man... I just realized how bored I am and how I typed this all up. I'm going to bail now.
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