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So i just finished the recent yugioh movie. Trying to get back to: GX, 5Ds and after
Yet im sitting there and these things really bother me, annoy and make me mad.

The cards and the characters
The anime just love to cheat anyway it can, oh my monster can do this now
Or he has another ability to save my butt. I swear they make up crap just to sound smart and think they can win
Then the oppenet does the same by playing the card they need at the right time
Or cause this is easy to do, they dont even have to play the card to use its effect
They hold it up and right into the graveyard. And too many cards that match another
Like why do we need multible fusions, monster reborn and more. Why do they need monster reborn and a robot version of the same thing? Sounds like a waste of a card. Or how how yugi summons a card at the top of hes deck right on time
Or professor banner weird ms paint cards? Lazy!

Speaking of lazy
This is a anime on DUEL MONSTERS.
Not thing around the home and office. Like magnet warrior
Cyrus stupid kiddy deck of cars and bikes or the kid in 5ds
Who has a cellphone/mp3 and crap
The sister who is too young to ride with the big boys
Even the witch couldt drive a bike
And the midget in 5ds who also has a toy deck

And what of the dark card players
Did the tiger turn into a woman or woman into a tiger with that dark glove?
Dark signers is a stupid name.

Really dumb logic
Kaiba is really stupid, he could have a four headed dragon. But no he ripped it up
After he broke in and beat up yugis grandpa. Kaiba you idiot
For a very busy man that was a waste of time
I mean hes employees had a five headed dragon
Or how he had a necklace of hes brother when he was taken or something
Look at your necklace!!!
And why it was only 4500 attack? Thats bad math and dumb
3000 x 3 = 9000 yet is nerfed? Why? We got characters who cheat and break the rules
Characters who boost thier own HP
Ultimate blue eyes well deserves to be at 9000
Kaiba is a massive narcissis, he has a blue eyes jet and dresses up as kaibaman in GX
Are you serious? Heck GX was trippy, when jaden goes the spirit world at the hot springs
And sees him but hes a fake cause he plays himself? How
And again later these stooges after thd keys are human and part spirit so they can play themselfs?
How would that even work?

Back to kaiba in the movie he wants who ever made a "drink bottle he crushed" and later he would fire another...
Um dude, you're saying you want to fire yourself. You made everything at this point and time. You dominated the trading card bussiness. So by fired that means you would step down. Lol you played yourself. GG

And as for yugi.
Very early hes Exodia gets tossed over the ship. Does he get new ones? Im sure he could
Its still very early in the season so no other monsters cards would show up for hes deck
And for both yugi and kaiba. Mostly kaiba. They make up new rules for the cards so they can win
Kaiba more so cause he owns the company so he can do and say whatever he wants. Infact the guy built a space station just because he wanted to look more cool.

When characters get promoted to higher dorms in GX, they forget like morons and stay to chill at red dorm for no reason. Cyrus and dino army dude are in yellow but visit red dorm anyway
Also if blue dorm is the highest class why is the principal wearing a dark red coat?
later the midget and crawler the aunt femboy want to tear down the red dorm and after it got upgraded
Um excuse me. Thats not your property. You're just the teachers. Its not your word to say
Its not your island. Does the principle have a say in this? No
Then just stop.

Cards and even traps that seem OP or may or shouldnt work yet the player says so

Giving a furball wings is pretty lazy and making it survive a attack from a tank robo is op

Spirit monsters are stupid and annoying. Chads omg why do they exist. Go away

When i first saw monsters resembling the god cards i thought they were knock offs
And honestly imo they are lame clones and worse fusion effect monster

When it seems hope is lost oh thats right i got my win card... "facedesk"

Pot of greed is stupid. A lame long running joke that needs to die

And valentines crystal wall. I swear they changed it
First it was a unbreakable wall and attacks thrown back
But later not the same

Back to characters
In the movie. Diva/deva mutates to a monster via ancient magic.
Ugh just wth is that? That never happened to bakura or the others

I hate jaden. Hes a idiot and a big time cheater and a sore loser
Hed be nothing and lose again if he didnt have hes bs alien cards
Anytime the oppenet had a killer strategy, yugi or jaden turn tables and break the rules

I hate chumlee. Fat and ugly and now a fugly guy in zexal who wears oldman pants poorly

The zaku army reject in 5ds. The clown. Couldnt stand that guy

Jack atlas over use of the word: "power deck"
My god someone worse then vegeta or some other power hungry character
This crap drove me crazy and turned it off.

The old fart who joined yusei in prison. Couldnt stand him and that stupid deck

Yusei being a slacker by FAILING to learn the new speed summon trick

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This is why I stay away from Jewgioh.
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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/25/17
All's I know is that Alexis Rhodes and May Valentine are hot af
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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/9/17

dreamnarcotic wrote:

This is why I stay away from Jewgioh.

what did you just say!!!!? *grabs soap for ur mouth*
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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/9/17

Potentsaliva wrote:

All's I know is that Alexis Rhodes and May Valentine are hot af

you're missing the point
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