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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/25/17
I'm about to start writing a book series that takes place in an alternate universe where RPG logic melds with our world's logic (think Danmachi/Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon).

There are two things I need some help with:

World Breakers: these are unique blessings and curses that each character has. For instance, one character cannot use weapons, magic, or techniques, but he can (under certain conditions) generate money. Another character has the ability to foresee the actions of anyone that means her harm (even if the action she sees is meant to direct harm to her yet), but in return she has to truthfully answer any and all questions that anyone directs at her. I'm running dry on ideas, and I plan to have a pretty large cast.

Underused Concepts: I personally believe that in Isekai related works, the "only part of 1 guild" rule should be relaxed. In real life, we associate with many groups. So my characters are part of one main guild (currently named Dovetail, until I can come up with something better), and 1 or 2 guilds based on their Jobs.

So if you have either ideas for a World Breaker or an underused concept, let me know.
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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/26/17
Have you seen Log Horizon? That's pretty much what you're describing, just in way more depth of the RPG mechanics working in real life the Danmachi. I'd suggest watching that and reading the novels then thinking on what concepts you can expand upon.
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