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Posted 8/25/17 , edited 8/25/17
For me, the best attempt at cashing in on Pokemon was Digimon Adventure. Taichi was a million times more competent a hero than Ash Ketchum, and so were his baby sister and six friends. The villains were also powerful and legitimate threats, rather than bumbling idiots like Team Rocket's Jessie and James. Also, where Pokemon was episodic, Digimon Adventure was serialized. We also can't forget about how the digidestined's journey was to save the digital world and real world, rather than win a combat tournament like Ash. And, compared to Ash, Taichi succeeds in his journey and actually grows up, alongside his friends and sister, just so that they could pass the torch to new digidestined!

As for worst, it was Transformers Armada. Transformers worked at its best with Autobots and Decepticons transforming between vehicles and robots to fight and kill each other to determine the fate of humanity and the universe. When you incorporate collectible Pokemon-style transformers in the form of Minicons, you essentially reduce Transformers into yet another desperate attempt to catch up to the Pokemon craze.

What about you?
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