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Posted 8/31/17 , edited 9/13/17
My case is simple : for the most part, I already know exactly what I want to watch or not on this site.

I have no need of a pop up that suggest me which show I could be interested in, appearing in my face occasionally when I open up my queue page.

The pop up (or any pop up for that matter) highly annoys me, as a paying member I want to be able to turn this off. Any type of unwanted pop ups usually makes me feel like I am on a "free" site with ads in general.

I don't dislike there being a recommendation system on Crunchyroll for those interested in it, I think it is a good idea ot add this in. I just don't want annoying pop ups being shoved in my view, especially for a site on which I have a paying membership.

Please move the recommendations to a list above or under "recently watched" where they will still exist and be easily visible. As a plus this would make the recommendations permanently visible instead of disappearing once the pop up is closed. Or at least, give us the ability to turn off those pop ups somewhere in our profile settings.

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